Technical documentation

Ural Helicopter Company - URALHELICOM" offers to purchase technical and operational documentation translated into Russian for Robinson and Airbus Helicopters (Eurocopter) helicopters.

The translation was made by professional translators in the field of aviation with the participation of technical specialists of our company.

R44 Robinson
R66 Robinson
EC 130 B4 Eurocopter

"RTR-460 Maintenance Manual for the R44 helicopter" (from January 2021) in Russian

"RTR-461 Manual for flight operation of the R44 helicopter" (from May 2020) in Russian

"RTR-462 Manual for flight operation of the R44 II helicopter" (from November 2021) in Russian

"Manual for the maintenance of engines Lycoming O-540 and IO-540" (from March 2009) in Russian

Maintenance manual for High voltage Magneto S-20, S-200 series. Maintenance, overhaul, illustrated list of parts No. X42002 (Edition No. 4, Edition No. 1, July 2020) in Russian

The problem of carburetor freezing and its solutions ("No Ice, thank you – No ice, thank you") in Russian

"RTR 661 Manual for flight operation of the R66 helicopter" (from June 2021) in Russian

"ROBINSON helicopters of the R66 series. Maintenance Manual and Instruction for maintaining the airworthiness of RTR 660" (dated May 2021) in Russian

"Training manual for the Rolls-Royce RR300 engine" in Russian

Service documentation for the R44, Robinson helicopter in English and Russian

Service documentation for the R66, Robinson helicopter in English and Russian

Примечание: documentation is provided only in hard copy. Delivery is paid separately.


R44 Robinson
R66 Robinson

13 ноября 2020г.

Main Rotor Blade Unpainted Leading Edge Care

R44 SL-79 (eng)

Maintenance of the unpainted leading edge of the main rotor blade

R44 SL-79 (рус)

11 ноября 2020г.

Field Service Data for Intake Valves

R44 SL-78 (eng)

Data on the operation of intake valves

R44 SL-78 (рус)

15 июля 2021г.

Fire Extinguisher Removal

R44 SB-107B (eng)

Removing the fire extinguisher

R44 SB-107B (рус)

7 июля 2021г.

C792-5 Dual Tachometer

R44 SL-74C (eng)

Two-shot tachometer

R44 SL-74C (рус)

1 июля 2021г.

Fire Extinguisher Relocation

R44 SB-107A (eng)

Rearranging the fire extinguisher

R44 SB-107A (рус)

30 июня 2021г.

C029-3 Tail Rotor Blade Cracks

R44 SB-108 (eng)

Cracks in the tail rotor blades C029-3

R44 SB-108 (рус)

30 июня 2021г.

Hydraulic Controls Pre-Takeoff Check

R44 SL-76A (eng)

Checking the controls with hydraulic power before takeoff

R44 SL-76A (рус)

30 июня 2021г.

A462-4 Fitting

R44 SL-80 (eng)

Fastening units with bolts A 462-4

R44 SL-80 (рус)

30 июня 2021г.

ELT Security

R44 SL-81 (eng)

Reliability of ARM mounting

R44 SL-81 (рус)

30 июня 2021г.

Tail Rotor Blade Condition and Care

R44 SL-82 (eng)

The condition of the tail rotor blades and their care

R44 SL-82 (рус)

21 мая 2021г.

C792-5 Dual Tachometer

R44 SL-74B (eng)

Two-shot tachometer C792-5

R44 SL-74B (рус)

1 февраля 2022г.


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* The offer concerns helicopters exclusively of foreign production.