Buying a helicopter today has become easier! Ural Helicopter Company – URALHELICOM offers helicopters from well-known world manufacturers. Our model range consists of aircraft of such well-known world brands as Robinson, Airbus Helicopters (Eurocopter), Leonardo Helicopters. We sell foreign rotorcraft of different models, so everyone will find a suitable one and buy it for personal or corporate needs.

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Robinson helicopters for sale in Russia and the CIS

URALHELICOM presents Robinson light helicopters, which are popular all over the world. We are the official dealer of the American manufacturer Robinson Helicopter Company — a leader in the production of civil helicopters. We sell the most popular helicopter models worldwide — these are R44, R66 in various modifications.

Advantages of Robinson helicopters from URALHELICOM

Versatility, reliability, functionality, as well as an affordable price are the advantages that buyers from all over the world appreciate in Robinson helicopters. A comfortable cabin, excellent panoramic views opening to passengers will make the flight unforgettable, and a reliable control system, a powerful engine and excellent flight characteristics guarantee absolute safety not only for the pilot, but also for all passengers.


Robinson model range

The R44 Clipper I and II helicopter models are equipped with a float landing gear. On these aircraft, you can easily land on water in any convenient place, or fly over busy ports, reservoirs, without fear of landing off land.


The improved five-seat model of the Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter, characterized by greater power and capacity, will be a real gift to all connoisseurs of comfortable, safe flights.


Robinson Helicopters is a justified investment

Buy the legendary Robinson helicopter from us — forget about long journeys, loss of time in traffic jams. All Robinson models have the necessary certificates and are delivered to any region of Russia. For questions about the selection, purchase and maintenance of equipment, please contact our specialists at the phone numbers listed on our website.


* The offer is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is a public offer determined by the provisions of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Sale of Airbus Helicopters (Eurocopter) helicopters in Russia and the CIS

Ural Helicopter Company URALHELICOM presents to your attention the products of one of the largest helicopter manufacturing companies Airbus Helicopters — formerly Eurocopter. This Franco-German-Spanish company accounts for up to 30% of all helicopters produced in the world. In the civil aviation segment, the share of Airbus products reaches 50%.

Advantages of Eurocopter helicopters (Airbus Helicopters)

The great demand for Eurocopter helicopters is explained by their reliability, functionality and convenience. Their main advantages include:

they are maximally adapted for flights in all weather conditions,

allowing you to safely land even in difficult terrain.

Model range of Airbus Helicopters

The range of Airbus Helicopters sold by our company is quite wide. We have a wide variety of models that combine high build quality, excellent driving performance, maneuverability and safety.


We offer our customers only the best examples of Airbus helicopters, for example, the Eurocopter AS350 B3e model – a powerful and lightweight machine with a digital engine control system that is ideal for individual or corporate use.


The Eurocopter EC130 T2 helicopter is equipped with the widest passenger cabin among the cars of its class, is maneuverable, ergonomic, and therefore has become a favorite means of transportation for many business people around the world.

It is very profitable to buy an Airbus Helicopters helicopter

Buy an Airbus Helicopters helicopter and you will forget about long inconvenient journeys, and get a lot of pleasure from comfortable and safe movement by air. For all questions about the selection, purchase and maintenance of private helicopters, please contact our specialists by phone.


Helicopters are increasingly being used as a private vehicle, as well as for interesting and high-quality leisure. URALHELICOM company offers to purchase helicopters from the well-known American company Bell Helicopter Textron. We are the official dealer of this brand, so we sell Bell helicopters at the manufacturer’s price.

Advantages of Bell helicopters from URALHELICOM

The main advantages of these helicopters are increased reliability and durability, as well as excellent maneuverability and flight speed. If you are planning to buy a Bell helicopter for piloting or carrying out business flights, then this will open up many opportunities. It is safe for the pilot and passengers and has excellent flight characteristics.

Buying a helicopter from a recognized industry leader gives a completely different level of freedom of movement. You will be able to get to your destination quickly, sitting in a comfortable cabin and enjoying the beautiful views.

Bell model range

We offer to purchase a Bell 505 multi-purpose helicopter. Its distinctive features are a flat floor, double doors and an integrated «glass cabin», which helps to reduce the pilot’s load and provides an excellent overview for the crew. The high-inertia main rotor guarantees additional safety.

The model has improved aerodynamic properties and is equipped with a two-channel FADEC system.

Bell 505 is not only a harmonious combination of flight technical parameters and useful functions, but also high–quality service and customer support from the Bell Helicopter brand.

Resource helicopters

Ural Helicopter Company – URALHELICOM offers new and resource (used) helicopters at the best prices.

The resource helicopter is a used equipment that is in excellent condition and is suitable for operation. Used helicopters are more affordable than new models. This is a great option for those who appreciate speed and comfort, but do not want to overpay extra money. The flight characteristics of used cars are at a high level. All resource helicopters presented here undergo regular maintenance, are reliable, excellent maneuverability and will serve you for many years.

URALHELICOM offers to buy a resource helicopter by choosing the model you like from a large range of products. Also here you can put your equipment on sale. Our company will help you in selling used helicopters in Russia at a bargain price.

You can buy a used Robinson helicopter, Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopters) or other well-known companies, conduct a technical inspection, issue all necessary documents and order further service with the help of our company’s specialists.

If you have not found the offer you are interested in, contact us and we will select a helicopter according to your wishes.

Used Robinson, Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopters) helicopters

Sales Department: 7 (902) 253-07-07, 7 (922) 120-44-66

* The offer is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is a public offer determined by the provisions of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Mobility is a must today. The success of various events and business programs depends on how quickly they can be organized and carried out. Those people who spend less time on movement, leaving it both for solving business problems and for their own recreation, have much more time.


The benefits of flying are obvious. A helicopter does not need special conditions for takeoff and landing, it can land in the most remote place where other transport simply cannot reach. On this vessel, you can quickly and without external obstacles get to almost any required destination. Helicopters are also indispensable in large cities, where heavy traffic often leads to traffic jams and the loss of many hours.


By leasing a helicopter, you will significantly expand the possibilities of movement, get more freedom in your actions, and significantly save time on moving. In addition, stunning views of the surrounding area open up from a bird’s eye view, which causes unforgettable experiences and enthusiastic emotions along the way.


Aircraft leasing is attracting more and more attention to civil helicopters. You can purchase any model of helicopter on the most favorable terms using this service. We cooperate with leading leasing companies in Russia. Prospects for the development of transport and business aviation are opening up for our clients, taking into account the advantages of leasing operations. They can become owners and operate civil helicopters, both new and used. With our aircraft leasing offers, you can save your money and arrive at the right place with comfort and on time!

Helicopter sale


Due to the flexible prices that we can offer, civil aviation helicopters are becoming more accessible to all buyers. We have special offers and a leasing sale service. Buying a helicopter from URALHELICOM is a profitable purchase and a reliable investment.

If you have any questions about the purchase and delivery of private helicopters, please contact our specialists. They will provide professional assistance in choosing the model you need.

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    *The offer is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is it a public offer determined by the provisions of the Article 437 GK RF.