France Вертолет Airbus Helicopters H120

Ural Helicopter Company – URALHELICOM offers a light single-engine multi-purpose helicopter manufactured by Airbus Helicopters (France). The helicopter has a classic single-rotor three-bladed scheme with a Fenestron-type tail rotor, one Arrius 2F gas turbine engine and a ski landing gear. The helicopter cabin is designed to carry four passengers and one pilot. At the request of the customer, the helicopter can be equipped with various optional equipment. More than 600 helicopters have been produced, the total flight time of the fleet is more than 1,000,000 flight hours.

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Скорость (max): 278 км/ч

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Количество мест: 1+4

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Дальность (max): 610 км

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Flight performance
Colour schemes

According to the number of cars produced and sold (more than 5,8 thousand), the helicopter is considered the most massive. This is facilitated by a low price and a high level of security and reliability. The queries "I will buy an r44 helicopter" in search engines are in the first place for commercial helicopters, including in Russia.


The versatility of the model deserves attention. The car is widely used for commercial transportation, as VIP transport, as an air taxi. Devices in various modifications are purchased by the police and armed forces of a number of countries, other ministries and departments.




The fuselage is painted red with a gray stripe

The front and rear windows are convex, have a blackout - this avoids the sun blinding the pilot and passengers

Dark windows on a red background give the car a bright style

The helicopter is equipped:


Heated air pressure tube "Heated Pilot"

An altimeter with a height indicator in meters "METER"

The "SLPSZ" air horizon

Emergency beacon "Kannad 406AF"

Additional equipment:


Headset for negotiations between passengers and the pilot David Clark

Radio altimeter

Engine Primer

Gyro compass

Magnetic compass "P"

Engine Model


Engine type

Gas turbine

Number of engines

1 шт.


Aviation kerosene

Number of seats

1+4 чел.

Maximum take-off weight

1715 кг.


725 кг.

Empty weight (including liquids and equipment)

990 кг.

Maximum flight altitude

5182 м.

Working flight altitude

2316 м.

Maximum flight range

610 км.

Standard amount of fuel

406 л.

Cruising speed

216 км./ч.

Maximum speed

278 км./ч.

Engine power (take-off, 5 minutes, for 1 engine)

504 л.с.

Maximum continuous engine power

449 л.с.

Примечание: flight specifications are presented for helicopters in the minimum configuration

Ресурс 9 R44 RA-00000

Цвет корпуса

Сплошная заливка (solids)

Металлик / Перламутр (metallic / pearl)

Цвет декора

Сплошная заливка (solids)

Металлик / Перламутр (metallic / pearl)


Салон (Firewall)

Сиденья (Seat)

Сиденья (Seat trim)

Выбранная вами схема:

Цвет корпуса: Не выбран

Цвет декора: Не выбран

Интерьер: Не выбран

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