France Вертолет Airbus Helicopters H125

Airbus Helicopters H125 (Eurocopter AS350 B3e) helicopters can solve many tasks. It is a light machine with one engine, maneuverable and economical, versatile, able to cope with a wide range of tasks.

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Скорость (max): 287 км/ч

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Количество мест: 1+5

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Дальность (max): 638 км

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Изготовление возможно к: 01.10.2022


Flight performance
Colour schemes

One pilot controls the car.


Application features

Helicopters of the H125 model of the AS350 B3 series are produced in various versions:


standard layout – 5 seats for passengers;

high density layout – 6 seats;

improved registration – 4 or 5 passengers;

sanitary option – 2 seats for doctors and 1 stretcher for a bedridden patient;

transport option – up to 3 cubic meters of cargo.

The Eurocopter has high flight and technical performance, is characterized by low operating costs. A duplicated digital system controlling the control of the Turbomeca Arriel 2D engine makes it possible to ensure safety while in flight. All flight parameters and information on the operation of the nodes are displayed on 2 LCD monitors - this improves the control of the machine by the pilot.

Ресурс 9 R44 RA-00000

Цвет корпуса

Сплошная заливка (solids)

Металлик / Перламутр (metallic / pearl)

Цвет декора

Сплошная заливка (solids)

Металлик / Перламутр (metallic / pearl)


Салон (Firewall)

Сиденья (Seat)

Сиденья (Seat trim)

Выбранная вами схема:

Цвет корпуса: Не выбран

Цвет декора: Не выбран

Интерьер: Не выбран

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