Farmland processing equipment
R44 Helipod III Spray System

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Helipod Spray System is helicopter equipment for agriculture, which allows to increase the speed and efficiency of farmland processing many times. It is installed on R44 and Robinson helicopters. The equipment of the Helipod Spray Systems is equipped with a roomy and lightweight tank, which is equipped on the right and left sides with one filler neck with a Camloc type lid with a diameter of 64 mm, which speeds up the process of refueling the installation with chemical composition.  The tank also has a hatch measuring 30 by 30 cm for emergency discharge of chemical composition. An equipped helicopter replaces up to 20 units of ground equipment, reducing the total cost of agricultural work by 30-70%.


Technical characteristics of the R44 Helipod Spray System Pollination System:


The high permissible flight speed with the Helipod Spray System installed is 120 knots.

Light weight – from 63 kg depending on the configuration

The payload is 285 liters or 320 liters. The tank capacity is 468 liters.

The rod with spray nozzles is installed in the forward part of the helicopter, outside the zone of disturbance of the airflow from the main rotor

Options of spraying equipment 80% - 100% (depending on the needs of the operator)

Fittings for fixing the nozzle housings are welded to the spray rod (depending on the needs of the operator)

Special attachment of the spray rod to ensure high-speed distillation of the helicopter.

No additional trolleys are required for transportation. Built-in ground transportation system, including towing bracket.

Two independent pressure relief systems on the right and left spray rod.

There are 6 pollination pumps to choose from, 4-stroke pumps manufactured by Honda with a capacity from 240 to 1000 liters per minute (depending on the needs of the operator)

The pump inlet (suction) with a diameter of 51 mm, the pump outlet (injection) to the filter with a diameter of 51 mm and further with a diameter of 38 mm to each spray control valve.

Two filters.

Two electric valves with a diameter of 38 mm control the farmland processing system.

Two pumping control valves in the right and left half of the tank.

Large (300 x 300 mm) adjustable hatch for emergency discharge of tank contents

Places for connection of parameter monitoring devices to the spray rod.

Additional optional hole in the tank to ensure the operation of the external suspension. It remains possible to operate the external suspension (depending on the needs of the operator)

Visual indicators of the amount of liquid in the left and right tank.

Filler necks with Camloc type lids (64 mm diameter) of the left and right tank.

Filler neck with Camloc type lid on the right side for refueling chemical composition.

Free access of the pilot to the cockpit

There are options for supply voltage of 12 and 24 volts. At the manufacturing stage, Helipod fully completes the chemical composition spraying system with electrical cables, relays and toggle switches and conducts its testing. The operator only needs to fix the quick-release control unit on the cyclic step handle and connect the "plus" and "minus" wires to the electrical connector of the helicopter.

Additional quick-release equipment:

Additional panel (When using the kit, all additional equipment can be removed from the helicopter when it is not used for agricultural work)


Fluid flow control system. It includes a regulator, pointer and sensor (control is carried out by the pilot from the unit attached to the RCSH)

TRACMAP navigation system (specially designed for agriculture) with interactive map function

The installation can be used simultaneously with other Helipod equipment.

Production time: 4 weeks (excluding delivery).  Price: on request.

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