USA Вертолет Airbus Helicopters AW119 Kx

AW119Kx - a new generation of helicopters based on A119 Koala

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Скорость (max): 282 км/ч

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Количество мест: 1+7

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Дальность (max): 954 км

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Лётно-технические характеристики
Цветовая гамма
AW119Kx - a new generation of helicopters based on A119Koala
The AW119Kx is the pinnacle of single-engine helicopter excellence, showing unsurpassed safety, performance, efficiency and reliability while maintaining a low level of operating costs. The spacious cabin allows you to quickly transform the cabin for various missions. Versatility and high economic efficiency make it possible to use this helicopter for a wide range of tasks.
Private owners and corporate contractors can appreciate the excellent level of comfort of the "club" cabin, located separately from the cockpit. The spacious, conveniently located luggage compartment accommodates up to 150 kg of luggage. A large payload combined with a long range allows the helicopter to be successfully used for maritime operations.
In the "search and rescue" and "medical" configurations, this machine comfortably accommodates two pairs of stretchers, all the necessary equipment and two medical workers.

Engine Model

Pratt & Whitney PT6B-37A

Engine type

Gas turbine

Number of engines

1 шт


Aviation kerosene

Number of seats


Maximum take-off weight

2850 кг

Empty weight (including liquids and equipment)

1483 кг

Maximum flight range

954 км

Cruising speed

256 км/ч

Maximum speed

282 км/ч

Engine power (take-off, 5 minutes, for 1 engine)

1002 л.с

Maximum continuous engine power

872 л.с

Ресурс 9 R44 RA-00000

Цвет корпуса

Сплошная заливка (solids)

Металлик / Перламутр (metallic / pearl)

Цвет декора

Сплошная заливка (solids)

Металлик / Перламутр (metallic / pearl)


Салон (Firewall)

Сиденья (Seat)

Сиденья (Seat trim)

Выбранная вами схема:

Цвет корпуса: Не выбран

Цвет декора: Не выбран

Интерьер: Не выбран

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