USA Вертолет Airbus Helicopters H135

The Airbus Helicopters H135 (Eurocopter EC135 T3) helicopters are light twin–engine eurocopters manufactured in Germany.

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Скорость (max): 259 км/ч

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Количество мест: 1+7

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Дальность (max): 609 км

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Flight performance
Colour schemes

The Airbus Helicopters H135 (Eurocopter EC135 T3) helicopters are light twin–engine eurocopters manufactured in Germany.


Features of the model

The device was created with the maximum use of composite materials. This allowed us to solve problems with corrosion of metal structures and reduced weight. As a result, the machine can be used in conditions of high humidity, for example, on the seashore without reducing the service life. Due to the reduced weight of the hull structure , the payload carried increased to almost 1.5 tons .


Like other Eurocopter models, the Airbus H135 has a reduced noise and vibration suppression system, which increases the comfort of using the machine and allows you to transport VIPs.


The device is perfectly adapted for the difficult conditions of Russia. It can be used during frosts up to -40°C. The air supply system to the engines is designed so that the air in them is supplied already heated to the optimum value.


The control and management of the engines is provided by the digital FADEC system. Modern avionics and powerful engines give the car high maneuverability and increased take-off weight.


Private users, as well as rescuers and doctors, are actively buying the car. The popularity of the model is promoted by the comfort of the cabin, its dimensions, flight safety, high load capacity.


Helicopters of the H135 EC135 T3 series can be ordered from URALHELICOM, which is a distributor of Airbus Helicopters in Russia.




Ural Helicopter Company "URALHELICOM"


Official Robinson dealer and service center

Helicopter Company


Airbus Helicopters Service Center


Rolls-Royce Service Center (RR300)


Phone: 7 902 253 07 07

Engine Model

Turbomeca Arrius 2B2plus

Engine type

Gas turbine

Number of engines

2 шт


Aviation kerosene

Number of seats


Maximum take-off weight

2980 кг


1498 кг

Empty weight (including liquids and equipment)

1482 кг

Working flight altitude

3048 м

Maximum flight range

609 км

Cruising speed

252 км/ч

Maximum speed

259 км/ч

Maximum continuous engine power

816 л.с

Ресурс 9 R44 RA-00000

Цвет корпуса

Сплошная заливка (solids)

Металлик / Перламутр (metallic / pearl)

Цвет декора

Сплошная заливка (solids)

Металлик / Перламутр (metallic / pearl)


Салон (Firewall)

Сиденья (Seat)

Сиденья (Seat trim)

Выбранная вами схема:

Цвет корпуса: Не выбран

Цвет декора: Не выбран

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